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It doesn’t matter what you call it—War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression, Second American Revolution—the Civil War was the formative event of America’s modern history, and will likely persist in our national memory long after mankind’s final iPhone loses its last ounce of battery life and clicks off forever. Until that day, however, take full advantage of technology by downloading the American Civil War Locator app to find hundreds of Civil War landmarks across the country. All significant battlefields, forts, historic houses, campsites, and cemeteries have been mapped and described to give history buffs and schoolchildren alike an interactive tour of the era. Simply enter your location or choose a new one to view nearby landmarks that played a role in deciding the outcome of the war and the future of the country.

In addition, American Civil War Locator will map all upcoming exhibits, conferences, lectures, and celebrations being thrown in honor of the Civil War’s 150th anniversary. As has been the case with battlefields and other historical sites, users are encouraged to submit new commemorative events as they hear of them. Just hit the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen and follow the directions; your submission will be reviewed for accuracy and added within 48 hours. You can also add locations by going to www.mapmuse.com.

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