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Man v. Food Restaurant Locator: Your Guide to Finding Restaurants Featured on the Hit Travel Channel Show, “Man v. Food”

Watching Man v. Food can be like watching a car wreck in slow motion; the dishes Adam Richman conquers are often horrific and potentially devastating to his health, but you just can’t pull your eyes away. It’s both gross and engrossing. With the Man v. Food Restaurant Locator in your app library, you can experience these same behemoth meals for yourself in real life. Read on if you dare, brave gastronauts…

The Man v. Food Restaurant Locator connects fans of “Man v. Food” with the over 300 restaurants Adam visited in the show’s all-too-brief four-season existence. Browse the app’s interactive map for restaurants near you, or read up on ones far and wide. Get instant driving directions to restaurants with the touch of a button, or check out contact information, episode details, and helpful web links. View photos that other users have shared of their valiant attempts to match Adam’s food feats, or read their reviews to find out which dishes are must-tries and which should be skipped at all costs. Just because Adam successfully scarfed down a five-pound stromboli doesn’t mean you can…but if you’re going to try, you might as well share your experience with the world.

App features include:
-the real life locations of over 300 restaurants visited by Adam Richman on Man v. Food
-episode details, contact info, and links for each location
-instant driving directions to any restaurant from your current location
-Yelp reviews of each restaurant
-user-submitted photos and reviews
-add places you’ve visited to your Visited List, loved to your Favorite List, or intend to visit to your Bucket List

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