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Tippmann Paintball Locator: The #1 Guide to Finding Tippmann Retailers and Paintball Fields around the World

Are there dozens of ring-shaped welts spotting your torso? Do you ever find yourself picking paint flecks out of your hair at inappropriate times? Are phrases like "bump up" and "head check” part of your everyday vocabulary? If so, then you might be a paintball addict. And if you’re a paintball addict, then man, have we got an app for you!

The Tippmann Paintball Locator is the premier mobile guide to locating paintball fields and supply stores around the world. Featuring nearly 2000 paintball fields and over 1100 Tippmann Sports retailers on six continents, you’ll never be in want of a marker, ammo, or place to play with this app in your library. Browse the map for stores and fields near you or search for ones far and wide, reading up on contact info and helpful details for each location. Check out user-submitted photos and reviews to find out which fields are worth playing and which are better left to the noobs.

The Tippmann Paintball Locator is constantly improving thanks to its users. Is a field or store missing from the map? Submit new locations and edit existing ones directly from your Android device. Your submissions will be reviewed by Tippmann staff for accuracy and added within 72 hours.

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