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This application is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Travel Channel.

Bizarre Foods Locator: Your Guide to Finding and Trying the Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern Eats on the Show

If there’s one thing travelling food shows have learned over the years, it’s this: the grosser the tastings, the better the ratings. On Andrew Zimmern’s hit Travel Channel show, Bizarre Foods, he tests the boundaries of this maxim by eating things that most people would hesitate to feed to their pet. Ever give your beloved pooch a piping hot pig uterus with a shot of chicken blood to wash it all down? Didn’t think so.

Now, thanks to MapMuse’s Bizarre Foods Locator, you can buy yourself as many pig uteri as you can fit in the back of your minivan. Featuring an interactive map of the restaurants and offbeat attractions Zimmern visits on the show, the Bizarre Foods Locator is your one-stop guide to trying all of the gross-out dishes and activities you’ve seen your favorite host brave on TV. Scroll the map for Bizarre Foods locations nearby or search for ones far and wide, reading up on background info and episode details until you’ve gotten your fix of stomach-churning specifics. Got the moxie to try a dish yourself? Get driving directions to any of the locations with the touch a button. Just make sure to take a photo of that roasted guinea pig before gulping it down so you can share your accomplishment with other users.

App features include:

  • searchable, interactive map that automatically updates as you scroll/zoom
  • New locations added free of charge as additional seasons air
  • episode specifics, contact details, and background details for each location
  • user-submitted photos and reviews
  • driving directions from your current location
  • “My Favorites” list to record places for easy access later
  • sleek and easy-to-use interface

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