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MapMuse’s Catholic Resource Locator App is a great way to combine the convenience of technology with religious devotion. Whether you are looking for a new church in your area or a place to worship while on vacation, searching for a Catholic school for your children or a Catholic university or college for yourself, or interested in visiting pilgrimage sites, MapMuse’s app allows you to easily search an interactive map of these and other Catholic resources. Either use your current location or input any location to see all of the Catholic churches, cathedrals, schools, universities, pilgrimage sites, and other resources nearby. Scroll the map and the results are automatically updated with no need to enter a new location. MapMuse’s Catholic Resource Locator App makes it easy to find the religious support, information, and locations you’re looking for, wherever you are.

In addition to finding resources, you can also submit comments and information for any of the results. If we’ve missed a location, or our information is incorrect, you can add a new Catholic resource directly from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad by touching “Add” at the bottom of the screen. Your submission will be reviewed for accuracy and the location will be added within 48 hours of your contribution. And every time you start the app, you will receive any updates that have been made by others. You can also add locations by going to All addition and changes made on the website are reflected on the iPhone or iPod and vice-versa.

Note: Users of the iPhone 3G or older hardware may experience a slight delay when repositioning the map.

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