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Chowdown Countdown Locator: Your Guide to the Travel Channel’s 101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown

For whatever reason, more and more fashionable restaurants these days are turning toward comfort food as inspiration for haute cuisine. Who decided it was a good idea to serve sushi-grade yellowtail in fish tacos? Does a hotdog really taste better on a baguette than a bun? Call us stodgy old purists, but comfort food should be comfortable on both the belly and the wallet.

The Travel Channel agrees. On their hit show Chowdown Countdown, they round up the 101 best greasy spoon gastro hubs in the country. MapMuse’s Chowdown Countdown Locator app puts the names and locations of these restaurants into the palm of your hand so you can get off your couch and experience their belly-busting deliciousness in real life. Browse the interactive map for Chowdown Countdown restaurants nearby or read up on ones far and wide, viewing their Travel Channel-anointed ranking, preferred dish, and more. Journey through 101 blue-collar comfort food joints that serve lip-smacking dishes like the famous 5-pound Burritozilla (Iguana’s in San Jose, no. 57) and the first ever hamburger known to man (Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, no. 1).


  • -searchable, interactive map that automatically updates as you scroll/zoom
  • -user-submitted photos and reviews
  • -driving directions from your current location
  • -“My Favorites” list to record restaurants for easy access later
  • -helpful web links
  • -sleek and easy-to-use interface

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