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Restaurants for Men: The Premiere Guide to Dining at Hooters, Tilted Kilt, and other Man-Friendly Eateries

Calling all men (and anyone else who appreciates the female form)! Your prayers have been answered. There are literally thousands of gorgeous women across America who, at this very moment, are dying to serve you a steak sandwich. Don’t believe me? Wipe the drool off your keyboard, click the download button, and let Restaurants for Men direct you to the closest Hooters, Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks, Coyote Ugly, or any of the other hundreds of babe-tastic eateries across North America.

Do you like beautiful women, brewskies, and big-screen TVs? Restaurants for Men is a map-based app that connects you with over 600 restaurants and bars employing “talented” waitresses, serving copious amounts of beer, and showing all your favorite games and fights. Read up and view pictures of each bar (or its smokin' hot waitstaff) before getting instant driving directions. Share photos and reviews with other users to let them know which man-friendly restaurants are bursting at the seams with fun, and which are major, uh, flops. With Restaurants for Men in your app library, you’ll always be the dude in your group of bros with the inside scoop on where to find nearby dimes. Don’t you want to be that dude?!

Select features include:
-Locate and get directions to 600+ "man-friendly" restaurants
-Background info, contact details, web links, and photos for each restaurant
-Visited List and Bucket List to keep track of places you visit and want to visit
-Share photos and reviews with other users
-Full compatibility with iOS6 and the iPhone 5’s larger display
-Free updates

Restaurants for Men is constantly improving thanks its loyal userbase. Stumble upon a newly opened restaurant? Submit it directly from your mobile device; your submission will be reviewed for accuracy and added to the map within 24-48 hours.

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