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International Locations

AA, Netherlands1
AD, Netherlands1
Adana, Turkey6
Adjuntas, Puerto Rico1
AE, Netherlands1
Afyon, Turkey2
Aguada, Puerto Rico2
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico2
Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico1
Aguascalientes, Mexico3
Aibonito, Puerto Rico1
AJ, Netherlands1
Aksaray, Turkey1
Albacete, Spain2
Alicante, Spain23
Almeria, Spain4
Ankara, Turkey42
Antalya, Turkey22
Anzoategui, Venezuela1
Aragua, Venezuela4
Arecibo, Puerto Rico3
Artvin, Turkey1
AS, Netherlands1
Asturias, Spain7
Auckland, New Zealand8
Avila, Spain1
Badajoz, Spain3
Baja California, Mexico30
Baja California Sur, Mexico5
Baleares, Spain36
Barcelona, Spain26
Barceloneta, Puerto Rico2
Barinas, Venezuela1
Barranquitas, Puerto Rico1
Batman, Turkey1
Bayamón, Puerto Rico15
BB, Netherlands1
BE, Netherlands1
BK, Netherlands1
BN, Netherlands1
Bolivar, Venezuela1
Bolu, Turkey1
BP, Netherlands1
BS, Netherlands1
BT, Netherlands1
Bursa, Turkey12
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico2
Caceres, Spain2
Cadiz, Spain13
Caguas, Puerto Rico9
Campeche, Mexico5
Camuy, Puerto Rico1
Canakkale, Turkey1
Canóvanas, Puerto Rico3
Cantabria, Spain3
Carabobo, Venezuela7
Caracas, Venezuela2
Carolina, Puerto Rico12
Castellon, Spain3
Cayey, Puerto Rico3
CB, Netherlands1
CE, Netherlands1
Ceiba, Puerto Rico1
Chiapas, Mexico6
Chihuahua, Mexico14
Christchurch, New Zealand7
Ciales, Puerto Rico1
Cidra, Puerto Rico1
Ciudad Real, Spain5
CL, Netherlands2
Coahuila, Mexico9
Coamo, Puerto Rico2
Colima, Mexico4
Comerío, Puerto Rico1
Cordoba, Spain2
Corozal, Puerto Rico1
Cuenca, Spain1
DB, Netherlands1
Denizli, Turkey4
Distrito Federal, Mexico69
DL, Netherlands1
DM, Netherlands1
DN, Netherlands1
Dorado, Puerto Rico1
DS, Netherlands1
Dunedin, New Zealand2
Durango, Mexico3
Duzce, Turkey1
Edirne, Turkey4
EJ, Netherlands1
ER, Netherlands1
Erzurum, Turkey1
Fajardo, Puerto Rico4
Gaziantep, Turkey4
Gerona, Spain3
Granada, Spain6
Guadalajara, Spain2
Guanajuato, Mexico10
Guánica, Puerto Rico1
Guayama, Puerto Rico3
Guayanilla, Puerto Rico1
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico6
Guerrero, Mexico5
Gurabo, Puerto Rico2
GV, Netherlands1
HA, Netherlands3
Hamilton, New Zealand5
Hatay, Turkey1
Hatillo, Puerto Rico4
Hidalgo, Mexico5
Hormigueros, Puerto Rico1
Huelva, Spain4
Humacao, Puerto Rico5
HX, Netherlands1
Invercargill, New Zealand1
Isabela, Puerto Rico1
Isparta, Turkey2
Jaen, Spain2
Jalisco, Mexico31
Jayuya, Puerto Rico1
JD, Netherlands1
Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico1
Juncos, Puerto Rico1
JV, Netherlands1
Karabuk, Turkey1
Karyseri, Turkey2
Kocaeli, Turkey12
Konya, Turkey4
Kutahya, Turkey1
La Coruna, Spain7
La Rioja, Spain4
Lajas, Puerto Rico1
Lara, Venezuela7
Lares, Puerto Rico1
Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain13
Las Piedras, Puerto Rico2
LE, Netherlands1
Leon, Spain3
LJ, Netherlands1
Loiza, Puerto Rico1
LR, Netherlands1
LV, Netherlands1
Madrid, Spain118
Malaga, Spain36
Malatya, Turkey1
Manatí, Puerto Rico4
Manisa, Turkey2
Maturin, Venezuela2
Mayagüez, Puerto Rico6
Melilla, Spain1
Mersin, Turkey5
Mexico, Mexico42
Michoacan, Mexico4
Miranda, Venezuela10
Moca, Puerto Rico1
Morelos, Mexico6
Morovis, Puerto Rico1
Murcia, Spain6
MX, Netherlands1
Naguabo, Puerto Rico1
Naranjito, Puerto Rico1
Navrra, Spain4
Nayarit, Mexico2
Nelson, New Zealand1
Nueva Esparta, Venezuela2
Nuevo Leon, Mexico19
NW, Netherlands1
Oaxaca, Mexico6
Orense, Spain1
Orocovis, Puerto Rico1
Palencia, Spain2
Paraguana, Venezuela1
Patillas, Puerto Rico1
Peñuelas, Puerto Rico1
Ponce, Puerto Rico10
Pontevedra, Spain5
Portuguesa, Venezuela1
PR, Netherlands2
Puebla, Mexico10
PX, Netherlands1
Quebradillas, Puerto Rico1
Queenstown, New Zealand1
Queretaro, Mexico4
Quintana Roo, Mexico20
Rincon, Puerto Rico1
Río Grande, Puerto Rico2
Rize, Turkey1
RW, Netherlands1
Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico1
Sakarya, Turkey7
Salinas, Puerto Rico2
Samsun, Turkey3
San Germán, Puerto Rico2
San Juan, Puerto Rico22
San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico1
San Luis Potosi, Mexico3
San Salvador, El Salvador39
San Sebastian, Puerto Rico1
Santa Cruz De Tenrife, Spain6
Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico1
Sevilla, Spain20
Sinaloa, Mexico14
Sonora, Mexico10
Soria, Spain1
Tabasco, Mexico4
Tachira, Venezuela2
Tamaulipas, Mexico16
Tarragona, Spain4
TH, Netherlands1
Timaru, New Zealand6
Toa Alta, Puerto Rico2
Toa Baja, Puerto Rico1
Toledo, Spain4
Trabzon, Turkey4
Trinidad, Paraguay1
Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico1
Utuado, Puerto Rico1
Valencia, Spain26
Valladolid, Spain3
Vargas, Venezuela1
Vega Alta, Puerto Rico2
Vega Baja, Puerto Rico2
Veracruz, Mexico17
Villalb, Puerto Rico1
Vizcaya, Spain5
VZ, Netherlands1
Wellington, New Zealand5
Whangarei, New Zealand1
XV, Netherlands1
Yabucoa, Puerto Rico1
Yalova, Turkey1
Yaracuy, Venezuela2
Yauco, Puerto Rico1
Yucatan, Mexico18
Zacatecas, Mexico1
Zamora, Spain1
Zaragoza, Spain3
ZL, Netherlands1
ZN, Netherlands1
Zonguldak, Turkey2
Zulia, Venezuela6

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