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why Lidl?

fresh. surprising. efficient.

Above is Lidl's marketing tag line but you may askin not "why Lidl"  but "Who is  Lidl?"  


About Lidl


Lidle is one of Europe's largest grocery chain with over 10,000 stores throughout Europe.  They are a deep discount  grocery store chain that competes with Aldi and they are coming to America in a big way.  Lidl is headquartered in Arlington VA.


Like Aldi they operate a bare bones grocery chain that offers very few varieties of each product and concentrate on house brands as well.  This strategy allows them to charge some of the lowest prices in the industry with discounts from 30 to 50 percent off more traditional grocery store chains.


Lidl corporate vision is :high quality at low prices, delivered with outstanding customer service.


They are very similar to Aldi but unlike Aldi they offer hot and prepared foods.

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