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Recent Reviews
  • Went through drive-thru Aug. 8 at approximately 5:30 pm. No other customer in drive-thru. Ordered Major League special (10 pieces chicken, 2 sides, 4 biscuits) with slaw and baked beans as sides. Some of family having fried chicken, others having barbecued ribs. Therefore, slaw was in great demand. Twice was told the steak and biscuits would be $10+. Kept trying to explain that was not what I ordered and again gave my order. My error was in not checking order before I drove the 8+ miles home. Order contained chicken, baked beans and creamed potatoes and gravy. My family does not care for instant potatoes so, needless to say, the potatoes were not eaten. The fried chicken and slaw there is a favorite of my family and I often buy them and take it home. I will go there again but not right away. Have to let the family settle down a bit Mrs. Winner's here is in an area of town that I seldom am in so I have to make a special trip to go there. Will make certain next time my order is correct before I leave the parking lot.
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