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RUEHL No.925 (or simply RUEHL) is the latest concept in a chain of brands developed by American retailer Abercrombie & Fitch (a publicly traded company). Instead of being outdoors in nature like Abercrombie, RUEHL has a metropolitan setting. RUEHL stores are made to look and feel like New York. The company introduced RUEHL as a means of retaining its customer basis to a post-collegiate customer, targeting the ages of 22 through 35. The company produces casual apparel designed with its concept of an understated, young West Village New Yorker in mind.

The official mascot of RUEHL is a French bulldog by the name of "Trubble". It is rumored that CEO Mike Jeffries owns a French bulldog and hence the RUEHL mascot. Initially, RUEHL did not brand... more

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