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Search for Cemeteries , Graveyards, and Burial Grounds in Franklin County, VA

Welcome to Mapmuse's Cemeteries , Graveyards, and Burial Grounds directory for Franklin County, VA. Use our interactive Cemeteries , Graveyards, and Burial Grounds locations map or simply view the listings in our Cemeteries , Graveyards, and Burial Grounds directory to find all of the closest Cemeteries , Graveyards, and Burial Grounds in Franklin County, VA. If you notice that we've missed any locations in our directory, please add it by clicking here. To get started:
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Cemeteries , Graveyards, and Burial Grounds » VA » Franklin County
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Abshire Cemetery
Adams Cemetery
Adkins Cemetery
Adkins-Stone Cemetery
Adney Gap Cemetery
Agee Cemetery
Agnew Cemetery
Akers Cemetery
Allman Cemetery
Altice Cemetery
Amos Cemetery
Amos-Richardson Cemetery
Amos-Smith Cemetery
Anderson-Hodges Cemetery
Anderson-Turner Cemetery
Angell Cemetery
Angle Cemetery
Antioch Cemetery
Arrington Cemetery
Arrington-Roberts Cemetery
Arthur Cemetery
Ayers Cemetery
Aylor Cemetery
Bailey Cemetery
Basham Cemetery
Beach-Scott Cemetery
Beard Cemetery
Beckner Cemetery
Belcher Cemetery
Bennett Cemetery
Berger Cemetery
Bernard Cemetery
Bethlehem Cemetery
Beulah Cemetery
Blackwell-Taylor Cemetery
Blankenship Cemetery
Board Cemetery
Board-Robertson Cemetery
Boitnott Cemetery
Bonbrook Cemetery
Boone Cemetery
Boones Chapel Cemetery
Boones Mill Cemetery
Booth Cemetery
Booth-Joplin Cemetery
Bousman-Hodges Cemetery
Bousman-Johnson Cemetery
Bowles Cemetery
Bowles-Shelton Cemetery
Bowman Cemetery
Boyd Cemetery
Bradner-Toller Cemetery
Brodie Cemetery
Brogan Cemetery
Brooks Cemetery
Brooks-Metts-Smith Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Brown-Fuller Cemetery
Brown-Kelly Cemetery
Brown-Meador Cemetery
Bryant Cemetery
Burell Cemetery
Burnett Cemetery
Burroughs Cemetery
Byrd Cemetery
Byrdview Cemetery
Canton Creek Cemetery
Carn Cemetery
Carolina Springs Cemetery
Carper Cemetery
Carter Cemetery
Carter-Foster Cemetery
Casey Cemetery
Castle View Cemetery
Chambers Cemetery
Chapel Cemetery
Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Childress Cemetery
Chitwood Cemetery
Chitwood-Altice Cemetery
Clearview Cemetery
Clemons Cemetery
Cook Cemetery
Cool Springs Cemetery
Cooper Cemetery
Cooper-Hutcherson Cemetery
Coopers Cove Cemetery
Crafts Cemetery
Crook Cemetery
Crossroads Cemetery
Cummings Cemetery
Cundiff Cemetery
David Cemetery
Davis Cemetery
Davis-Martin Cemetery
Dehart-Jones-Prillaman Cemetery
Dent Cemetery
Dillon Cemetery
Dillon-English Cemetery
Donahoo Cemetery
Doran Cemetery
Doss Cemetery
Dowdy Cemetery
Dudley Cemetery
Dudley-Tyree Cemetery
Duncan Cemetery
Durham Cemetery
Eames Cemetery
Edwards Cemetery
Ellis Cemetery
Ellis-Blankenship Cemetery
Endicott Community Cemetery
English Cemetery
English-Tyree Cemetery
Epworth Cemetery
Fairmont Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery
Feazell Cemetery
Ferguson Cemetery
Ferguson-Edwards Cemetery
Ferguson-Hatcher Cemetery
Fisher Cemetery
Flint Hill Cemetery
Flora Cemetery
Flora-Teel Cemetery
Forest Hill Cemetery
Foster Cemetery
Fralin Cemetery
Franklin Memorial Park
Franklin Municipal Cemetery
Gardner Cemetery
Gardner-Ramsey Cemetery
Garland-Ridgeway-Smith Cemetery
Germantown Brick Cemetery
Glade Hill Cemetery
Gogginsville Cemetery
Goode Cemetery
Greer-Ferguson Cemetery
Gregory Cemetery
Gregory-Greer Cemetery
Grindstaff Cemetery
Guerrant-Calloway Cemetery
Guilliams Cemetery
Gusler Cemetery
Hale Cemetery
Halesford Cemetery
Hall Cemetery
Hall-Hodges Cemetery
Hanabass Cemetery
Hancock Cemetery
Handy Cemetery
Harper Cemetery
Harrison Cemetery
Helms Cemetery
Helms-Dyer Cemetery
Henry Fork Cemetery
Hicks-Wade Cemetery
Hodges Cemetery
Hodges-Austin Cemetery
Hodges-English Cemetery
Hodges-Love Cemetery
Hodges-Lynch-Hall Cemetery
Hodges-Stump Cemetery
Holcomb Cemetery
Holland Cemetery
Holland-Mitchell Cemetery
Holland-Powell Cemetery
Holland-Tyree Cemetery
Hollands Cemetery
Holley Cemetery
Holly Cemetery
Holy Emmanuel Cemetery
Hopkins Cemetery
Horn Cemetery
Housman Cemetery
Housman-Ferguson Cemetery
Huff Cemetery
Hundley-Beckner Cemetery
Hunt Cemetery
Hurt Cemetery
Hurt-Ferguson Cemetery
Hurt-Thompson Cemetery
Hutchinson Cemetery
Indian Ridge Cemetery
Ingram Cemetery
Jamison Cemetery
Jamison-Prillaman Cemetery
Jefferson Cemetery
Jenkins Cemetery
Jeter Cemetery
Jeter-Perdue Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery
Johnson-Mills Cemetery
Jones Cemetery
Kasey Cemetery
Kemp-David Cemetery
Kennett Cemetery
Kesler Cemetery
King Cemetery
Kirk Cemetery
Lancaster Cemetery
Laprade Cemetery
Lavinder Cemetery
Lavinder-Garvin-Woods Cemetery
Law Cemetery
Law-Cooper Cemetery
Lawrence Cemetery
Lipscomb Cemetery
Lipscomb-Thornton Cemetery
Little Creek Cemetery
Logan-Holland Cemetery
Love Cemetery
Lovell Cemetery
Lovell-Tyree Cemetery
Lovell-Yeatts Cemetery
Lumsden Cemetery
Lynch Cemetery
Maple Grove Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
Martin-Davis Cemetery
Mathews Cemetery
Matley Cemetery
Mattox Cemetery
Maxey Cemetery
McAlexander Cemetery
McGhee Cemetery
McGhee-Taylor Cemetery
McGuire Cemetery
McNiel Cemetery
Meador Cemetery
Meadors-James Cemetery
Meadors-Sloan Cemetery
Meadow Cemetery
Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Menefee Cemetery
Metz-Nunn Cemetery
Midkiff Cemetery
Mill Creek Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Mills Cemetery
Minnix Cemetery
Minton Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
Mitchell-Anderson Cemetery
Mitchell-Skinnell Cemetery
Monte Vista Cemetery
Moore-Dudley Cemetery
Moorman Cemetery
Moran Cemetery
Mount Airy Cemetery
Mount Carmel Cemetery
Mount Cassell Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery
Mount Zion Burial Park
Mountain View Burial Park
Mullins-East Cemetery
Muse Cemetery
Neathawk Cemetery
Neville-Horsley Cemetery
Newbill Cemetery
Nichols-Hodges-Davis Cemetery
Ninevah Cemetery
Nolen Cemetery
Northfield Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
Oak Hill Cemetery
Oakes Cemetery
Old Bethel Cemetery
Old Liberty Cemetery
Overfelt Cemetery
Oylers Chapel Cemetery
Ozzie Cemetery
Palmer Cemetery
Parcell Cemetery
Parker Cemetery
Pasley Cemetery
Pate Cemetery
Patterson Cemetery
Pearson Cemetery
Pelter Cemetery
Perdue Cemetery
Perdue-Lynch Cemetery
Perdue-Robertson Cemetery
Peters Cemetery
Phoebe Needles Cemetery
Piedmont Cemetery
Pig River Cemetery
Pinckard-Tyree Cemetery
Piney River Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Plunkett Cemetery
Poindexter Cemetery
Poindexter-Saunders Cemetery
Poteet Cemetery
Potter Cemetery
Preston Cemetery
Price Cemetery
Prices Cemetery
Prillaman Cemetery
Prilliman Cemetery
Providence Cemetery
Prunty Cemetery
Quinn Cemetery
Radley Cemetery
Rakes Cemetery
Rakes-Thomas Cemetery
Ramsey Cemetery
Ramsey-Stanley-King Cemetery
Randolph Cemetery
Ratcliff-Whitlow-Young Cemetery
Ray Cemetery
Red Valley Cemetery
Redwood Cemetery
Rehoboth Cemetery
Reynolds Cemetery
Rice Cemetery
Richards Cemetery
Richardson Cemetery
Ridgeway Cemetery
Rigney Cemetery
Robertson Cemetery
Robertson-Bowles Cemetery
Robertson-Hoel Cemetery
Rock Ridge Cemetery
Rogers Cemetery
Ross Cemetery
Round Hill Cemetery
Saint James Cemetery
Saint Johns Cemetery
Sandy Ridge Cemetery
Saunders Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Scruggs Cemetery
Shaver Cemetery
Shively Cemetery
Sigmon Cemetery
Simmons Cemetery
Simms Cemetery
Sink Cemetery
Sloan Cemetery
Slone Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Smith-Thomas Cemetery
Southall-Brown Cemetery
Spencer Cemetery
Stanley Cemetery
Starkey Cemetery
Starkey-Barbour Cemetery
Stone Cemetery
Stone-Bondurant-Johnson Cemetery
Story Creek Cemetery
Swain-Basham Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery
Taylor-Worley Cemetery
Tench Cemetery
Thomas Cemetery
Thornton Cemetery
Thurman Cemetery
Town Creek Cemetery
Truevine Cemetery
Turnbull Cemetery
Turner Cemetery
Turner-Hickman Cemetery
Turner-Hutchenson Cemetery
Tyree Cemetery
Tyree-Gray-Hickman-Washington Cemetery
Tyree-Houston Cemetery
Tyree-Turner-Ramsey Cemetery
Via Cemetery
Wade Cemetery
Wade-Hodges Cemetery
Waldron-Bowles Cemetery
Walker Cemetery
Walker-Rigney Cemetery
Walters Cemetery
Watkins Cemetery
Watson Cemetery
Webb Cemetery
Webb-Hale Cemetery
Webster Cemetery
Webster-Wyatt Cemetery
White Rock Cemetery
Whorley Cemetery
Williams Cemetery
Willis Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
Wilson-Cook Cemetery
Wilson-Woods-Stone Cemetery
Wimmer-Hall Cemetery
Wimmers Cemetery
Wingfield Cemetery
Witcher Cemetery
Wood Cemetery
Woody Cemetery
Woody Cemetey
Woody-Richards Cemetery
Wray Cemetery
Wray-Greenwood Cemetery
Wright Cemetery
Young Cemetery
Zeigler Cemetery
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