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Recent Reviews
  • Gino's has been in the auto parts and auto recycling industry since 1945 they are knowledgeable - experience matters. I've been a repeat customer for a long time because I always receive helpful advice and great deals on my parts. Overall Gino's is an excellent auto parts shop. I highly recommend them.
  • feb 10 2011, i was escorting a over size 18 to me. just as i arrived my motor blew in my escort van. i called many salvage yrds in the area but know one would take my van without a title. except for reynalds.billy came to tow it telling me that when ct m.v. sends me my title and i send it to him , he would send me a few hundred for it.that was the last i would see of it. but when i got home there was my title in the mail. (someone was looking out for me.)i sent him the title and a few days later he sent me a postal check. WOW. NOTHING IN WRITING, NOT EVEN A HAND SHAKE OVER IT. NOTHING BUT HIS WORD. AND THAT WAS GOOD ENOUGH... THANKS BILLY. HAPPY IN CT.
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