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Bobsled tracks and Luge tracks primarily are built for Olympic competition. A bobsled team consists of two or for men. The front man steers the bobsled while the man in the back pushes the bobslead at the start of the race and then jumps into the bobsleigh for the remainder of the course. There are from 10 to 20 turns on a bobsled course. The sleds often reach top speeds of 85 mph (140 km/hr).

Many of the bobsled tracks at Olympic venues are open to the public. For a fee that includes the rental of the bobsled and a professional driver you can experience the thrill of traveling down a bobsled track at exhilarating speeds. As a point of reference the cost of experience a bobsled ride one time down the track at Whiteface in Lake Placid NY is $80 a person.

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