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Recent Reviews
  • Who is this "HARRY?", if he is a man?, he should Man-Up and Call-Me!. Scott P, McEvoy
  • Thanks for beating the guy across the street, and by $6 times face, your 21 dollars times face, was a great payout for our junk silver coins, thanks so much, will come again, very knowledgeable to of our rarieties, when we do sell will come back, your offer was totally acceptable compared to other shops.
  • First United Reserve is a great choice if you are looking into gold or silver investments for saving for retirement. Their knowledgeable staff educated me about investment grade metals in my portfolio to “hedge” or protect my savings from a devaluing dollar and I'm glad I did. With the economic future of this country in question, having some metals in your portfolio or IRA will definitely help you sleep a little better at night. First United is a member of the better business bureau (I checked them out) and with their friendly, knowledgeable staff and competitive pricing, felt comfortable doing business with them. Glad I did, I would happily refer them to any friend or family member looking to protect their hard earned investments.
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