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E85 (Ethanol Gasoline) Fuel Stations Locations, Interactive Maps, Phone, Website and More

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E85 fuel stations provide ethanol fuel blends of 85% to personal and commercial flex-fuel vehicles. E85 is one of the most common alternative fuels in the United States, largely a result of government promotion in Midwestern states that grow corn (corn is the primary ingredient of E85). There are nearly 3000 Ethanol filling stations in America, a number which figures to increase after Walmart's announcement that they'll start selling E85 at their 385 gas stations across the country.

Proponents tout several E85 advantages over regular gasoline (petrol). To begin with, it's arguably more efficient; E85 vehicles emit significantly less pollution, and typically carry a high octane rating, improving engine performance while reducing heat and wear. E85 is also harvested from renewable... more

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