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  • love it
  • Another classic been around a long time nudie bar. One side is the dancing stage with good seats up close and some far back away from the stage. Other half is a bar with TV so see your favorite ball game and a pool table area too. Free to walk back and fourth. The girls can be a mixed bag, sometimes they are very hot and sexy and sometimes not as much and same too in that they can be nice or several times this person ran into one or two with just a bad attitude (guess that can happen anywhere). Overall friendly, great dances at stage-side, little bit of pressure to go for the higher priced private area personal dance.
  • A friendly low pressure place where all the girls seem nice. Best in the winter when front door area parking on street opens up. Good dances for reasonable prices, Stage-side seats or you can sit back further away. A few women and couples come to enjoy the dancers too. In iconic old Duluth landmark that must be visited when in town.
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