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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Contractors Locations, Interactive Maps, Phone, Website and More

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Geothermal Power and Technology From Wikipedia

Geothermal power (from the Greek roots geo, meaning earth, and therme, meaning heat) is energy generated by heat stored in the earth, or the collection of absorbed heat derived from underground, in the atmosphere and oceans. Prince Piero Ginori Conti tested the first geothermal generator on 4 July 1904, at the Larderello dry steam field in Italy.The largest group of geothermal power plants in the world is located in The Geysers, a geothermal field in California. As of 2008, geothermal power supplies less than 1% of the world's

"Geothermal" can generally refer to any heat contained in the ground.

Geothermal technologies

Geothermal resources range from shallow ground to hot water and rock several... more

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