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Recent Reviews
  • always loved this place. the food is really good, but i haven't been there in a while
  • AWESOME !! Great food.. ( lasagna,pizza ) / service & atmosphere. Owner present...family run with very good prices'
  • Had dinner here last night! Great, great, great! I am giving it 4 stars because of the food. The SERVICE was a little tiny bit above okay. Since it is a laid back environment the sever was chatty with his co-workers and didn't really stay on top of checking in with us or giving us the check- so much so to wear my husband went up to the counter to give our check and pay. So that is the minus in this review. However I can try and over look that. The food was great and I want to go back to try other things! The flatbreads/tarts are wonderful and the scallops had the best taste!!!!
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