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In free-floating tubing, the tube riders are untethered and often conveyed by the current of a waterway. Texas and much of the southern U.S.A. have adopted the spelling of 'toobing' and 'toobers'. Tubers paddle with their hands and often used webbed gloves to steer. Tubes can be outfitted with tube covers or 'skins'. These covers are canvas, and cover the bottom of the tube, the sides, and have a skirt that covers the inner diameter, while leaving room for the tuber to sit. Covers can be altered with pockets, can holders and have handles for the tuber to hold on to. It is strongly discouraged to tie anything to the tube or use ropes of anykind as a tuber can get bound or wrapped in them and potentially drown. As in all watersports tubers should wear appropriate safety... more

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