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Recent Reviews
  • Check out ROCK STAR CRYSTALS. It's a rock shop in the Chelsea area of Manhattan which is owned by Os Brasileiros. ROCK STAR CRYSTALS is the best source for fine minerals and minerals specimens in New York City. They also carry gemstone jewelry and iitems cut from gemstones (like Quartz Spheres, Quartz Obelisks, pyramids, pendulums, and gemstone hearts). You can call them at 212 675 3065 or go to www.rockstarcrystalsmanhattan.com
  • Awesome! Must be the best crystal shop anywhere! Hard to believe that so many crystals and minerals can be stacked so high ceiling to floor. Great selection, reasonable prices, this place is a rockjhounds's dream!
  • I have been there several times in the last few years. Most recently when I was heading to Poteau, OK with my best friend/sister. We perused all the glass and chose select pieces for one other - emerald green, pink, purple, rootbeer brown and several pieces of "solid" red with black laced throughout it. I have hauled my prized pieces to AZ and have had numerous compliments and questions from my neighbors regarding where it comes from. Every road trip that I make it back to OKC, I try to make an effort to pick up more.....each piece has a memorable story to go with it.
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