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Taekwondo (Tae Kwon Do) Classes and Schools Locations, Interactive Maps, Phone, Website and More

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Although each taekwondo club or school will be different, a taekwondo student can typically expect to take part in most or all of the following:

* Learning the techniques and curriculum of taekwondo

* Both anaerobic and aerobic workout, including stretching

* Self-defense techniques (hosinsul 호신술) * Patterns (also called forms, pumsae 품새, teul 틀, hyeong 형)

* Sparring (called gyeorugi 겨루기, or matseogi 맞서기 in the ITF), which may include 7-, 3-, 2- and 1-step sparring, free-style sparring, arranged sparring, point sparring, and other types

* Relaxation and meditation exercises

* Throwing and/or falling techniques... more

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