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Cupcake Wars Companion: Your Guide to Eating at Cupcakeries Featured on the Hit Food Network Show

America is no stranger to unexpected pop pandemics; everybody and their mama has been on the receiving end of a well-placed Rickroll, double rainbows are the new single rainbow, and a certain actor has had us “winning” for the better part of the year now. If you think about it, it’s only natural that the latest and greatest cultural zeitgeist combines some our country’s most beloved values, including delightfully high blood sugar and cold hard capitalism. Yup, you got it: gourmet cupcake shops.

The Food Network has taken advantage of the cupcake craze by bringing it to reality TV with their hit competition show, “Cupcake Wars.” Now, we’re taking the next logical step by bringing it to your iPhone. Cupcake Wars Companion is your one-stop guide to feasting at all the bakeries you’ve watched compete in the program’s first two seasons. Featuring an interactive map with comprehensive listings for each shop —including photos, contact details, background info, and menu links—this app ensures that you’ll get your daily fix of frosting, sprinkles, and melt-in-your mouth cake. So satisfy your sweet tooth and get to the nearest Cupcake Wars cupcakery before the next batch of cream-cheese-frosted red velvets flies off the rack. After all, if they look that scrumptious on TV, just imagine how good they’ll taste in real life.


Concerned about a lack of Cupcake Wars cupcakeries near you? Hungry for more locations? Purchase the Gourmet Cupcakeries add-on to add 700 new shops to your map. Trust us, your sweet tooth will be thanking you after your fifth ganache-filled double-chocolate cupcake of the day.

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