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Aldi  Hours and Locations


All Aldi stores are open from 9 AM till closing at 8 PM Monday through Friday. All Aldi grocery stores are open on Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM until 7 PM   There are a few stores that stay open for an additional hour on Saturday and Sunday and close at 8 pm.


About Aldi


Aldi is an internationl chain of discount grocery stores that operate in 18 countries predominantly in Europe and the United States.  It was founded by German  brother Karl and Theo Albrect  in 1946 when they took over their mothers store  that began operating in 1913.   The Name ALDI comes from the first two letters of the brothers last name ALbrect plus  the first two letters of DIskont (discount in German).


In 1960 the company was split in two operating groups ALDI Sud (South) and ALDI Nord (North). ALDI Sud operates all the United States ALDI stores while ALDI Nord owns and operates the Trader Joe's in the United States


ALDI is known for its not frill stores offering a limited variety of brands in order to offfer some of the lowest prices in the grocery industry. ALDI is know for its low cost staples often selling under its own name.  Because of its streamline operations ALDI requires fewer employees than traditional grocery stores resulting in lower prices but also the ability to pay employee a higher wage than many of its competitors.


Interesting Facts About Aldi


  • It costs you a quarter to get a card at ALDI.   You get it back when you return the cart to its proper location.  This reduces the cost of having employees gather shopping carts.
  • Aldi has a double guarantee policy.  If you return something that is bad you get both a replacement and your money back.
  • Nutritional information are on the front of all Aldi branded products.
  • Instead of stocking over 30,000 items like many grocery story ALDI stocks fewer than 2000 of the fastest moving and most popular products.


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