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Dutch Bros Coffee Hours of Operation

 The vast majority of Dutch Bros. Coffee shops open at 5 am and close at 11 pm 7 days a week as you can see from a sample hours posting below: Sample Dutch Bros Hours Posting.

  • Monday:  Open at 5:00AM and close at 11:00PM
  • Tuesday: Open at 5:00AM and close at 11:00PM
  • Wednesday: Open at 5:00AM and close at 11:00PM
  • Thursday: Open at 5:00AM and close at 11:00PM
  • Friday: Open at 5:00AM and close at 11:00PM
  • Saturday: Open at 5:00AM and close at 11:00PM
  • Sunday: Open at 5:00AM and close at 11:00PM

You can find more information about the coffee chain and store locations by clicking on a state below or visiting their store locator at: https://dutchbros.com/locations


About Dutch Bros Coffee


Dutch Bros Coffee is a small regional coffee chain that serves gourmet coffees from drive through kiosks. It has most of its locations in Oregon, California, Idaho, and Arizona. It serves coffee from drive-thru kiosks. It was started by the Boersma brothers who initially opened a kiosk coffee stand at a golf course in 1992.


Interesting Facts about Dutch Bros Coffee

  • There are secret menu items that are not so secret. Some of them are; The Bob Marley, The Crazy Hawaiian, and the Nija Turtle.
  • You must work your way up the ranks to own a franchise.
  • Are you a bit of an introvert or see things as they are...well don't think about applying for a job at Dutch Bros.  They look for extroverted optimists to fuel their growth.
  • Baristas are  known as "bro-istas".  I guess that goes for the women as well?
  • Some loyal employees have been offered (and they have accepted) the option to buy a franchise with only a $5,000 investment.  The company loans the rest to allow an employee to buy into a franchise.



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