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Public Swimming Pools Across America

Public Swimming Pools Locations and Hours.


Public swimming pools come in two forms; indoor and outdoor.  Indoor pools may be open all year around while most outdoor pools tend to be seasonal and open during daylight hours.  Obviously there are more outdoor pools in the southern states while there are more indoor pools in the northern states.


About Public Swimming Pools


Public Swimming Pools experienced a boom shortly after World War I. Prior to World War I swimming pools were considered more of a bath house experience rather than a leisure activitiy.  A building boom by municiple governments resulted in thousands of public swimming pools being built across America resulting in families spending leisure time at public swmming pools.    The pools were mostly segrated through mid century.  Desegration laws create a plethera of private swimming pools to open.  Today all versions of public swimming pools exist including city municipal pools, suburban community pools, and public access pools managed by both profit and non- profit organizations like the YMCA and water parks acroos the country.


Interesting Facts about Swimming Pools

  • Swimming uses almost all the major muscle groups, and places a vigorous demand on your heart and lungs.
  • One of the largest municipal swimming pool is the "The Big Pool" located in Garden City, Kansas


International Locations

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